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Chris Brown

Chris Brown

The instigator of seascapemodels.org. Research Fellow at Australian Rivers Institute. Chris is currently working on a Discovery Early Career Research Fellowship awarded by the Australian Research Council to uncover how habitat change is influencing the sustainability of fisheries.

Dale Bryan-Brown


A PhD candidate at the Australian Rivers Institute, Dale is studying role of connectivity in the conservation of marine organisms. Dale's background is in genetic methods for studying connectivity. He is now applying genetic methods to quantify connectivity in an under-studied marine habitat - mangrove forests.

Tessie Liddell

Tessie Liddell

A PhD candidate at Griffith University's College of Art, Tessie is an animation artist. She is studying how animation can be used to communicate the impacts of land-use change on riverine and marine ecosystems. She is particularly interested in turning science into a narrative that will resonate with people outside of a scientific audience. You can view some of her works here.

Andrew Broadley

Andrew Broadley

Andrew is currently working as a research assistant reviewing associations between fished species and their habitats as part of Chris' ARC project.

Lauren Armstrong

Lauren Armstrong

Lauren is doing her honours in 2017 on methods to monitor the status of fish stocks using recreational catch surveys. She is working with QLD fisheries to complete her honours project.


Hsien-Yung Lin


Hsien completed his PhD with the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions in 2017. Hsien-Yung studied the conservation of diadromous fish, using species distribution modeling, population dynamics modeling and conservation planning tools. He will soon be beginning a post-doc in the U.S.

Viv Tulloch

Viv Tulloch

A PhD candidate at the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, Viv is interested in planning for the impacts of run-off to marine ecosystems.


Here are some of the people and groups I am working with.

Fisheries and conservation

Ridges to reef fisheries working group, funded through NCEAS's Science for Nature and People Program

Professor Rod Connolly at Griffith University

Dr. Simon Linke at Griffith University

Dr. Carissa Klein at The University of Queensland

Professor Peter Mumby and the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab at The University of Queensland

The Centre for Excellence for Environmental Decisions and many people therein.

Climate change ecology

Dr. Megan Saunders at The University of Queensland

Assoc/Prof Anthony Richardson at The University of Queensland

Assoc/Prof David Schoeman at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Assoc/Professor Michael Burrows at the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences on climate change ecology. Check out his cool Google Earth maps from our Nature paper.


Alex Brown, industrial design.