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e-Media Services

Blogging and tweeting are becoming popular ways to communicate science. I am regularly asked to give training on e-Media, including courses on tweeting and blogging to communicate science. I would be excited to help you or your group with e-Media. I specialise in tools and training for communicating science. Below are some of the services I can provide

You can find examples of my work in the e-Media space under @bluecology on twitter and my blog on this page.

e-Media training

I regularly provide training for scientists on using Twitter and blogging. Get in touch if you want to discuss developing a custom short-course for your group.

Webpage design

I can help you set up your own uniquely styled webpage that is free of advertising (unlike many other blog sites) and cheap to run. For examples of my work see this webpage or Megan Saunders' lab page.

e-Media strategies

I have been an active blogger and tweeter for years now and have found it is an efficient and fun way to communicate my science. I now also run e-Media for my institute. Get in touch if you would like to consult with me on designing an e-Media strategy for your group.