Estimate carbon emissions from mangrove deforestation

2019-02-26 Data compiled by: Fernanda Adame Code by: CJ Brown

This is supplementary material prepared in support of the publication:

Adame, Brown, Bejarano, Herrera-Silveira, Ezcurra, Kauffman, Birdsey. In Press. The undervalued contribution of mangrove protection in Mexico to carbon emission targets. Conservation Letters. DOI: 10.1111/conl.12445

Please cite that publication if you use this code.

An interactive web app that runs these models is available from the Global Wetlands Program.

Please contact or pull a request on this github project if you have any queries.

Using this package

To use package, open R and type: install.packages("devtools") Then to access the package’s functions and data: devtools::install_github("cbrown5/MangroveCarbon")

Important files

The main functions are emissions_model() and emissions_model_simple(). See the help files for those functions for examples.

Data for the above paper are under data(emdat)

Code for the shiny application is under /inst.

A bibtex file for citing this work is in file CITATION.

License: MIT + file LICENSE