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Sebastian Lopez-Marcano

Sebastian joins us for his PhD studies after completing a Bachelor of Science Hons Class I at The University of Queensland on the metabolism, diet and time activity budget of mangrove crabs in Moreton Bay.

Sebastian also worked for three years at the Global Change Institute as the database administrator and GIS officer of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. Additionally, he was involved in the expansion of Convolutional Neural Networks to automatically annotate geo-tagged images of coral reefs around the world.

His previous research was about the use of 3D reconstructions from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to study the habitat ecology and preference of marine invertebrates.

Sebastian’s PhD studies focus on the use of automated environmental monitoring to understand fish movement and habitat hotspots in coastal seascapes under the supervision of Prof. Rod Connolly.

Prior to moving to Australia, Sebastian was involved in educating about sustainable fishing practices to fishers and locals from Margarita Island in Venezuela.

Sebastian’s ORCID No. is 0000-0002-0814-2906.

Contact: Chris Brown

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