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We work on balancing the conservation of marine ecosystems with human uses of the oceans

The future of ocean and coastal biodiversity is uncertain. This uncertainty threatens humanity's place on the blue planet. We urgently need to adapt human uses of the ocean to conserve its ecosystems and ensure it continues to provide us with food, energy, recreation, clean water and clean air.

We are marine scientists who use quantitative tools to inform environmental decisions in the oceans. We do this by bringing ecological complexity to the planning tools used to inform decision making. We work with decision makers to provide quantitative advice on ocean and coastal conservation and fishery management. Our tools of choice are computer programming, mathematical models and statistical analysis. These tools allow us to work with complex datasets to find solutions for ocean management.

We specialize in the R programming language and teach R to others. Chris' teaching resources are on this site and are open-access.

Read more about our research team or our research on our blog or check out our publications.

Future research opportunities

We are currently seeking applicants for PhD projects to study quantitative marine conservation science.

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