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New fellowship: Discovery Early Career Research Award

I am pleased to announce I was awarded a national fellowship from the Australian Research Council recently. I will be funded through to 2018 to pursue a new research direction in the impacts of habitat change on fisheries. My funding also includes a PhD scholarship, so I will be advertising for a PhD student soon. Get in touch if you are interested in modelling of marine ecosystems.
Here is an excerpt from my project proposal.

Sustaining fisheries is important for economies, livelihoods and human health, but globally numerous fisheries are threatened by rapid loss of aquatic habitat. The role of habitat in fishery declines is poorly quantified, and we need new models that integrate existing datasets to attribute change in a fishery to change in its habitats. The project will develop a new statistical analysis to examine the role of habitat loss in the global status of fisheries. Subsequently, novel numerical techniques will be used to explore how multiple human impacts to habitats affect fisheries. These approaches will be used to predict how human impacts to habitats affect fisheries through time and space.

Contact: Chris Brown

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