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We’re hiring a quantitative ecologist

Applications to this position closed, July 2019. Here’s the original posts, for record purposes.

I’m looking to hire a quantitative ecologist to work with the Global Wetlands Project at Griffith University, Australia.

The position is 2.5 years, at either postdoctoral level or academic level 2 (also known as level B).

This is an amazing opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team to tackle major issues in the conservation of coastal wetlands, including seagrass saltmarsh and mangroves, their dependent ecosystems and ecosystem services. Our team includes marine ecologists, statistical ecologists, data scientists and a science communicator at Griffith Uni and multiple international collaborators. We are addressing critical issues in the conservation of coastal wetlands through new science and collaborations with key international decision makers.

More information and to apply see the Seek job site.

Please contact me on if you have an enquiries.

Contact: Chris Brown

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