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New PhD opportunities in fisheries

Associate Professor Chris Brown has two new opportunities for PhD projects in fisheries. We place an emphasis on the application of science to real-world management, communication skills and training of quantitative skills. Past PhD graduates from Chris’ lab have worked on a range of areas including, from field, lab, modelling and GIS focussed projects. All were keen to make a difference and had a desire to learn quantitative methods (e.g. R).

A background with quantitative skills is encouraged, but not essential. Training quantitative skills is something we specialise in.

Read more about Chris’ lab, research and his team here and the Global Wetlands Project here.

If you are interested, please read the project descriptions below and contact Chris for further information. Australian applicants should have at a minimum first class Honours from their degree.

International applicants should have equivalent of first class honours (e.g. research focused masters with GPA 6+) and either of: substantial (3+ years) research relevant work experience and/or first authored publication in an internationally recognised journal. There are fewer international scholarship positions at UTas than domestic scholarships, so scholarships are more competitive than for domestic applicants.

Further details are on the UTas site via below links:

Future of seafood (modelling focus includes $5000 pa scholarship topup)

Habitats for fisheries (fieldwork and some modelling)

Contact: Chris Brown

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