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“Memorable dataviz with the R program” awarded people’s choice prize

For the past two years Dr Nick Hamilton has invited me to give a talk on creating data visuals with the R program at the wonderful UQ Winterschool in Bioinformatics.

This year I was lucky enough to be awarded a prize for my talk - best speaker from a mid-career presenter, as voted by the audience.

Nick and the UQ Winterschool team have been kind enough to post my talk on Vimeo, so I am sharing it here in the hope that others find it useful. You can also get all the talk notes (and code) on my blog here

I think it is something of a feat to have a talk win a people’s choice award, when that talk is fundamentally about computer programming. The talk’s success speaks not to my own presentation skill, but the rather the huge interest in the R program.

I also borrowed a lot of neat ideas from people much more smarter than me (all duly acknowledged), like the Datasaurus (thanks Alberto Cairo). So check out the video, I hope you find it insightful, and a bit entertaining.

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