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Impact of the conservation optimism hashtag

The hashtag #conservationoptimism became popular during the recent International Congress for Conservation Biology symposium. Michael Burgass asked me what its twitter impact was, so here is a quick analysis.

Note that I edited this post (24/08/2017) after Michael Burgass asked me why so few tweets. It turns out (and I hadn’t realised) that the twitter API (Application programming interface) will only return tweets up to 2 weeks old. You have to pay to get older ones. So the data in this post is only relevant to the period over the ICCB conference.

Michael also asked about #iamaconservationist, but that has too few tweets so far to make for a meaningful analysis (about 100).

There were not a huge amount of of tweets over ICCB conference, so it is hard to say too much from a broad brush quantitative analysis like this, but here are a few stats.

The first tweet I got was only on 2017-07-26 and until now there have been 813 tweets from 390 users of which 133 are original tweets and the rest RTs.

I think that spike on Wednesday corresponds to EJ Milner-Gulland’s plenary at ICCB.

The distribution of tweets per user is not quite as skewed as other hashtags I have analysed. I guess becaues there are fewer users and it is the sort of hashtag that people only post once to (thought they may RT multiple others).

Here is a table of the most popular tweets.

Handle Tweet # retweets
MorenaMills .@EJMilnerGulland inspiring action and optimism at #ICCB2017 #conservationoptimism #IAmAConservationist. More info: 49
suewalker2008 Post Doc opportunity on zebras in Africa! Please share widely 😊 #ICCB2018 #conservationoptimism 34
ICCB2017 Keep the #conservationoptimism going! Thank you @EJMilnerGulland for a fantastic message of hope! #ICCB2017 #iamaconservationist 20
abigailrdan Exciting PhD opportunity in Australia for promising marine scientists who want to channel #conservationoptimism @LAFFellows @sfgucsb 17

The most popular place is Africa (probably because of that job tweet above), the most popular user EJ Milner-Gulland. Other popular words include inspire, great, share, future.

Term # of tweets
iccb 398
ejmilnergulland 256
iamaconservationist 176
inspir 98
great 96
conserv 89
share 65
conservoptimism 62
optim 60
check 59
action 54
opportun 53
info 51
time 51
give 50
morenamills 50
plenari 47
want 47
watch 43
stori 41
work 40
post 39
learn 38
africa 37
thank 37
pleas 36
doc 35
futur 35
tcogyxzitwinq 35
wide 35

That’s all. It would be good to do a full historical analysis, but as I note above you probably have to pay for that.

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