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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced R courses February 2019

This is an announcement of our next set of R courses. There are 4 separate courses taught over 5th-8th February 2019.

You can register with the Centre for Applications in Resource Management site at the University of Queensland.

These R workshops are especially tailored for biology/ecology, but will be useful for anyone working in sciences. We often have people from other sciences, like medicine attend.

Location is at the Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Management, The University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia. Student discounts on course fees are available.

Presenters: Prof Anthony Richardson (UQ Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics), Associate Prof David Schoeman (University of the Sunshine Coast), Dr Chris Brown (Griffith University).

The Advanced R course is taught by Dr Bill Venables (CSIRO) and long-time R developer.

We provide comprehensive workshop notes, including basic theory, applied worked examples in biology/ecology, and solution code. Here is the course schedule for 2019. In 2019 we have added a whole day for graphics, especially the use of the ‘ggplot2’ R package for plotting complex datasets.


Getting data into R; Summary Statistics; Simple Graphics; Manipulating Data; Simple statistics


ANOVA; Regression; Model selection; GLMs for binary and count data; GAMS; TREEs; Clustering; Ordination

ggplot and spatial analysis in R (1 day)

Data wrangling; ggplot; Mapping; Spatial analysis

This workshop is for you if you have been using R and want to improve your skills.

ADVANCED R (3 days)

Advanced data manipulation and visualisation; Advanced graphics; Statistical model building based on traditional and machine learning techniques; Programming and software development in the R language.

If you have used R extensively, then the Advanced R Workshop is for you.


June 2017: “I truly enjoyed the whole workshop. Great teachers, really nice real data examples and good notes and background. Everything was very well thought out and explained.”

June 2017: “I was really impressed with everything covered and how it was presented. I am feeling a lot better about using stats now than I was previously. I think it should be a compulsory course for all PhDs.”

Contact: for more information or visit Centre for Applications in Resource Management site at UQ to register.

Contact: Chris Brown

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