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R courses February 2020

Our next series of R courses for professionals and graduate students is now open for registration. The courses include 1-day for absolute beginners, 3 days for intermediate material and 3 days for the advanced class. They are run 11-14 February 2020 at the University of Queensland in St Lucia, Queensland.

The courses are taught by a team of experienced R teachers and programmers. Including Prof David Schoeman (Uni of Sunshine Coast), Prof Anthony Richardson, Dr Bill Venables and myself.

In the beginner and intermediate classes we cover topics from getting start in R, graphing, data wrangling, mapping, multivariate analysis, linear models and GLMs.

The advanced class is run by Bill Venables of MASS package fame and covers topics from advanced modelling to package development and documenting code with markdown.

Last year I taught a new 1-day course on data wrangling and spatial analysis. We will run this again this year. The notes are freely available online, but always better to come and learn them in person. Also I am going to update them with the latest in spatial mapping and analysis.

More information and registration is here

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